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How Can I Tell If My Car Battery Is About To Fail (Or Has Failed)?

There are a few telltale signs that your vehicle batter is about to fail.

Take a look at them:

  1. You Hear The Starter Motor Crank, But The Engine Won't Turn Over.

You can run into many factors when dealing with a battery, but you can eliminate them one by one. if the starter motor crank slow, but the engine won't start. it's a possibility it could be your starter.

Tip: You can always check battery with a battery tester. if the test read 12V, you have a good battery so there's a chance it could be your Alternator or starter.

2. Sluggish Cranking Times

Cold weather reduces battery performance.

However, if no cold weather, and your engine still stutters before cranking, then you could have a weak battery, bad alternator or starter issues.

3. The Engine Starts then Dies Quickly

The engine will start, but instead of idling it dies quickly.

If this happens, you may only have enough charge to crank engine but not keep engine on.

Tip: this happens often to many people

what happens is the battery shuts off, causing a signal straight to the (ECM) engine control mod

ule, which causes the engine to die.

4. No Response From The Ignition

If the car doesn't start when you turn the ignition key, it probably means the starter motor is getting no power from a dead battery.

5. No Door Chime Or Dome Lights

When you open the vehicle door, the door light turns on. Usually, a chime will sound when the key is inserted into the ignition. When nothing works as they suppose to, a flat car battery is a usual point.

6. No Headlights Or Dim Headlights

when dim or flicking headlights coupled with an engine that won't start, usually point to a weak battery. The battery may have enough charge to turn your lights on but not enough to crank car.

Tip: Pay close attention to inside dim lights, no chime sound or radio won't play.

7. The Check Engine Light Turns On

If the check engine turning on it could mean many things, from the alternator not charging proplerly DO NOT IGNORE YOUR ENGINE LIGHT

Tip: Get help quickly

8. Battery Problems

A bloated battery is a sign of a bad battery, Would you like to know how the battery becomes bloated? Buildup of hydrogen gases is what cause it. this happens when a vehichle alternator is overcharging and the battery can't dissapate the gas fast enough.

9. Corroded Battery Terminals

Corrosion is a most common cause of shortened battery lifespan, it looks like a thick powder on the battery terminal, if bad the color can turn green. Corrosion reduces the battery's ability to charge.

Tip: Solutions to help clear corrosion:

  1. Coke - soda

  2. WD-40

  3. Battery cleaner

  4. Backing soda

Must Know Fact:

If you smell a odd rotten egg smell or notice something leaking from your battery. (DO NOT TOUCH IT) its batter accident.

use gloves to remove the battery.

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