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Test your Automotive Knowledge

Which Type of Fluid is Used to Lubricate a Car’s Engine?

  • 0%Windshield Wiper fluids

  • 0%Coolant

  • 0%Motor oil

  • 0%Antifreeze

For What Reason Could a Check Engine Light Be On?

  • 0%Loose gas cap

  • 0%Flat tire

  • 0%Broken Windshield Wiper

  • 0%Rear door open

What Do You Need to Startup a Dead Car Battery?

  • 0%Wrench

  • 0%Battery Fluids

  • 0%Jumper Cables

  • 0%Screw Driver

Which Fluid Do You Require to Control Engine Temperatures?

  • 0%Gas

  • 0%Motor Oil

  • 0%Windshield Fluid

  • 0%Coolant

Which Car Part is Made from the Rare Metal, Platinum?

  • 0%Catalytic Converter

  • 0%Pistons

  • 0%Muffler

  • 0%Crank Case

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