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Test Your Automotive Knowledge

After any suspension or chassis work, a vehicle needs what?

  • 0%An alignment

  • 0%A pat on the taillights and a "good job."

  • 0%Tire rebalancing

  • 0%New tires

What kind of fluid you use to cool the car down?

  • 0%Agent Orange

  • 0%Dex-Cool

  • 0%Coolant Orange

  • 0%Radiator fluid

what tools are need to change a tire?

  • 0%A Mechanic

  • 0%Jack, Tire, Lungs

  • 0%Put on emergency flashers

  • 0%Scissors, Tire, Jack

Name this Logo

  • 0%Mercedes Benz

  • 0%Volkswagen

  • 0%Toyota

  • 0%Mazda

Name this Part

  • 0%Trumpet

  • 0%Horn

  • 0%Supercharger

  • 0%alternator

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