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Test your Knowledge

You can learn almost everything you need to know about a car from its VIN. But what does this acronym actually stand for?

  • 0%Vehicle Internal Nomenclature

  • 0%Vehicle Identification Nomenclatur

  • 0%Vehicle Internal Number

  • 0%Vehicle Identification Number

This one should be relatively easy. Which one of these fruits is used to describe a car that leaves the factory with a whole bag of issues and built-in defects?

  • 0%Banana

  • 0%Lemon

  • 0%Orange

  • 0%Melon

Some drivers just can't stand driving in a straight line. What is the technique of sending your car into a controlled skid called?

  • 0%Sleighing

  • 0%Skating

  • 0%Drifting

  • 0%Skidding

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