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Some cars are real wolves in sheep's clothing. That is, they have unassuming looks that hide serious performance. What's the slang term for them?

  • 0%Dreamer

  • 0%Sleeper

  • 0%Deeper

  • 0%Submariner

Everyone loves a nice little "vroom-vroom" from their car every once in a while. But one can only go so far when revving their engine. What is the maximum speed

  • 0%Limitline

  • 0%Maxline

  • 0%Redline

  • 0%Revline

Some car enthusiasts prefer to modify their cars to sit as low to the ground as possible. What does one call a car that almost touches the ground with its floor

  • 0%Rammed

  • 0%Slammed

  • 0%Dunked

  • 0%Hammered

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