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Test your Knowledge

Which brand is a Beetle?

  • 0%Volkswagen

  • 0%Ford

  • 0%Chevy

  • 0%Oldsmobile

Which brand has a model called Escalade?

  • 0%Cadillac

  • 0%Dodge

  • 0%Hummer

  • 0%Chrysler

Should you check the oil level right after shutting the engine off?

  • 0%yes, that gives the best reading

  • 0%no, you'll burn your hand

  • 0%no, wait 5-10 minutes afterward or check it cold

  • 0%it doesn't matter

What causes the plastic headlight lenses to become foggy over time?

  • 0%wax buildup from many washes

  • 0%the plastic oxidizes

  • 0%it's a mystery

  • 0%condensation in the headlights

What is one benefit of taking heavy items out of your car?

  • 0%the suspension components will last longer

  • 0%the driveshaft won't break

  • 0%the tires will last twice as long

  • 0%the fuel filter will double in life

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