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Test your Knowledge NLOWay

What best describes the alternator?

  • 0%Emissions

  • 0%Exhaust

  • 0%Station Wagon

  • 0%Coupe

Name The Logo

  • 0%Ford

  • 0%Volkswagen

  • 0%Audi

  • 0%Chevrolet

A Ford Mustang is what body type?

  • 0%Stationwagon

  • 0%Minivan

  • 0%Sedan

  • 0%Coupe

What does 5W-30 motor oil stands for

  • 0%Weight

  • 0%Winter

  • 0%Wear

  • 0%Won

What is the purpose of a oil pump?

  • 0%Circulate engine oil

  • 0%Pump gear oil

  • 0%Circulate transmission fluid

  • 0%has no purpose

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This is getting to be fun. testing my knowledge is great and keeps me on top of things. 😉

Me gusta
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