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What Basic Tools Needed In Every Car

When you're on the road, you're out in the world, and the world can get dangerous when you least expect it. Especially if your car breaks down, you get a flat tire, or an engine light pop on out of nowhere. What do you do? You probably don't know the first about repairing the problem, you're not a mechanic.

Fortunately, you don't have to be a mechanic to give yourself a much better chance of getting home or to the nearest repair shop with a small kit of essential tools and equipment. You'll even increase your odds of survival.

Don't just load your car up with unnecessary tools you may never use. Get you what we call an ETK- Emergency Tool Kit. At some point in life, you will use if not all most of these items if you have car trouble.


  • Remember to always be safe turn on your flashers.

  • Call someone and let them know where you are.

  • Be very observant- watch your surrounding

  • Try to pull over in a lighted area

Tools Needed

Screwdrivers Set

Hex Keys

Cutting Pliers

Work Light, Fluorescent or LED



Wrench Set

Oil Funnel

Car Jack

Cheater bar

Jumper Box

Spare Tire


Duct Tape

Jumper Cables


Air pump/Tire pressure gauge

(Note: You can find most of these tools at a low cost, prices vary depending on each store).

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